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Welcome to EAGLECHEM

To our Global Clients and Partners

Thank you for visiting our website and your interest in our products. Our major business is mainly classified into the four main areas, trading of reconditioned Blow Molding Machines, Textile Machinery and Agricultural Machinery, supply of Fine Chemicals, and dealing in Food Processing Technology.​


1. Blow Molding Machines

We offer a wide range of refurbished Blow Molding machines manufactured in South Korea at affordable prices.

Each machine has versatile functions such as bottle thickness control, automatic punching, view strip, in mold labeller and multi layer ranged from screw diameter 60mm to 110mm with multi heads multi positions.

We export globally including Middle East and Africa through our Dubai branch. 


2. Exporter of Textile Machines


EagleChem is an exporter of the full range of textile machines either brand new or reconditioned. We have more than 20 years of experience in this industry - including Rope Making Machines, Onion Net Bag producing Machines, Agro Shade Net producing Machines, refurbished Industrial Boilers, as well as all spares, accessories, consumables.


Our aim is to contribute to our client's success by providing optimized machine configurations and operation solutions utilizing our world-wide used textile machines DB system. We are confident in our ability to deliver the right machines that meet your needs and help you maintain the existing machines and/or dispose any unwanted textile machines.​​


Please see below our major handling experienced textile and related machine details of local or foreign brands:

  • SAMJIN: S&Z Integrated Filament Twister with TFO (240DT) + Ring (80RT)  ​  

           Nylon, polyester 75d/2p,3p – 1050d/2p,3p

  • ILSHIN: Full automatic sewing thread winder with tucking-in motion (optional)  

           Conical, King Spool (Cap): 2’-6” traverse, 4 positions, individual driven, take-up Ø 140mm

  • DAEKUN: Covering machine for spandex and latex covered yarn with servo-motor, PLC, touch screen

  • DAESUNG: User’s friendly changing single and double, Draft: 1.5-6.73 Take-up: Max 36M/Minute

  • DONGNAM: Heat Setting, tube Compact, calender, open width compact setting, steam setting, squeezer

  • HYOWON: Rope making machine 2-4, 4-10, 10-20, 20-44, Ring Winder, Twister, Extrusion line

  • DAIN: Fishing net making machine, upper hook, lower hook for Toyo, Amita, Tanimura, Itochu 

  • KAMITSU: SSP-8P re-winder, SSP-MV Soft package winder, used winding machines globally sourcing 

  • SSM: Winder for dye-packaging, sewing thread, assembly winding, draw winding, air texturing, yarn singing 

  • REGIANNI: Rotary screen printing machine, 14 colors, WW 63", weft straightener, yoc 2001

  • STORK: Rotary screen printing machine, ww: 1850mm, 12 colors, YOC 2012 later, Gas heated oven

  • ATOS BOBCOCK: Roller width: 2600mm, ww: 2400mm, Gas combustion, 8 chambers, straightener

  • Refurbished fire tube packaged boiler: 3Ton/hr to 12Ton/hr, 10PSI, 3 passes, wet-back, corrugated 

  • HEALD: Water Jet-POM(Polyacetal by injection mold), PET(Processed by presser), Air Jet-using heald of iron material 

  • NYLON TRAVELER: Longer life cycle, better quality for large package, 20% lesser fluctuation

  • SPINDLE/Bolster: Special dumping spring for spinning and twisting with suppressed yarn balloon

  • Sintered Ring: Self-lubricated rails for high speed rotating travelers, diversity winding for spinning/twisting

Textile 1.jpeg

3.  Supply of Fine Chemicals


EagleChem is a South Korean based supplier of fine chemicals as authorised agent for 3V Sigma, Italy. 

  • Polivic S404W: PVA secondary suspending property for LG Chemical PVC plant in YeoSu and DaeSan

  • Tempoxy LO: Polymerization inhibitor for Polynt Korea, AeKyung

  • Alvinox FB: Primary antioxidant for Lotte Chemical

  • Optiblanc 101: Optical brightener for Samil Corp


4. Food Processing Technology


We offer a range of high quality Food Processing machines including Onion Net Bag producing Machines and Agro Shade Net producing Machines.




















 If you have any questions, please call us on WhatsApp +82 10-4275-6250 or email us




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