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Onion Bags Making Machines - in stock now

Making Onion Net-Sacks

We are a South Korea-based import-exporter directly linked to the machine manufacturer, who has been in the industry of manufacturing the entire range of agricultural HDPE-proven net bags and sacks for the last 40 years. Click here for further details. Contact us for queries and orders.

Circular Knitting Machine

Main Application For Our Net-Sacks:

Packaging for agriculture and fishery products i.e. Onion, Garlic, Potato, Chinese Cabbage, Western Cabbage, Orange, Green Bean and Fisheries - Shellfish, Cuttlefish, small Octopus

Main Features:

1. Lesser manufacturing costs

2. Convenient packing and handling

3. Superiority in anti-rot and decay thanks to the high breathe-ability

4. Easy quality inspection of the packed product

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how can i get this machine

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