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Cotton & Synthetic Knit Dyeing Facilities

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

We have the following equipment in stock for Cotton and Synthetic Knit Dyeing facilities.

1. Tenter

ILSUNG, YOM 2004, Thermo Oil Type, Roller Width 2,200mm(Working Width 2,100mm), 8 Chambers

2. High Pressure Dyeing machine

a. SAMIL Unijet 1 tube 150`200kg, YOM 2015

b. ACE Unijet 2tube 400kg YOM 2014

c. SAMIL Unijet 3tube 600kg, YOM 2009

d. KWANGDONG Unijet 3tube 500kg, YOM1998, DTC-5024

e. ILHEUNG Rapid (New Model) 1tube 2nozzle 300-400kg, YOM2002

f. ILHEUNG Unijet 2tube 200kg, YOM2000, DTC-5024

g. ILHEUNG Unijet 2tube 400kg, YOM2000, DTC-5024

h. ILSUNG Unijet 1tube 150kg, YOM1999

i. SAMIL Unijet 1tube 100kg, YOM199, DTC-5024

3. Normal Temperature Dyeing Machine

a. SAMIL 4tube 1,000-1,200kg, YOM2011, SUS 316

b. DONGA 2tube 500kg, YOM2007

c. DONGA 1tube 250kg, YOM2007

d. KYUNGHUN(ILHO) 3tube 450-600kg YOM2004, AK Type

e. ILHO 2tube 200kg, YOM2004, AK Type

4. Water Setting Machine(single): CHEONGJIN / TE.Ma / YOM2002 / 88"

5. Insepection & Rolling Machine: HANA MACHINERY / Width 2,000mm / 4 sets / Angle Adjustment

6. Semi-Decator M/C(OB): DEOKHEUNG / YOM2001 / Max Width 2,000mm

7. Packaging Machine: HYOSAN / YOM2004 / Roller Width 2,000mm

8. Scutcher: Old Model, Roller Width 2,000mm

9. Manual Slitting Machine (old model)

10. Turning Machine CHOENHA, YOM2004, Anti-wrinkle

11. Comfit Machine: Roller Width 2,200mm

12. Laboratory

a. CCK: DAELIM Starlet / 124pot / YOM2004

b. CCK-II: DAELIM Starlet / YOM2001 / 124pot

c. Stock Solution Device

d. Water Bath 2sets

e. Dryer

13. Others, Thermo Oil Boiler, Tools of Maintenance Room, Cart (about 100EA)

Please contact us for further information about these equipments.

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