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PP Flat Yarn & Weaving Machines (woven carry bag making machine)

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

We now have in stock PP Flat Yarn and Weaving Machines. The machines can produce woven fabric which can be used to make Woven Carry Bags.

The stock list is as follows:

A. PP Flat Yarn production equipment:

1. Extruder


YOM: 2008

Spec: 90 mm

2. T-Dies

Size: 1000 mm

Double dies

3. Stretcher Line

4. Winder


YOM: 2008

Magnetic type: 96 spindles

General type: 80 spindles

B. PP Weaving equipments

1. Round type knitting machine


YOM: 1998

Spec: 75 cm

Number of creel spindle: 600

Quantity: 4 Sets

C. PP Yarn Weaving equipment

1. Waterjet loom


YOM: 1998

Number of creel spindle: 700

Spec and Quantity:

2,200mm: 6 sets

3,400mm: 1 set

2,400mm: 1 set

Price: Quotation to be provided on your request

Please contact us for further information about these machines.

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